giant baby rats

daughteroctober replied to your post: also lol

It is to be expected, since they’ve done the “One Year Later” like every time, but yeah. I’D LIKE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED INBETWEEN PLEASE.

well i was expecting one year after season 4

but he’s saying multiple years


we don’t get to see gwen’s transition from servant to royalty at all

that’s fucking lame, bbc

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  1. mandorways said: Oh come on, actual character development is HARD, you know? Why capture something like Gwen stuggling to gain respect on court when you can do “a few years later” :/
  2. poisonbughasmoved said: i am actually terrified that s5 will focus and arthur and gwen’s EPIC LUV and merlin will be degraded to a side character
  3. oddthingsinthedark said: so when magic reveal comes it’s going to be like OH WE’VE BEEN BEST FRIENDS FOR YEARS ARTHUR OH YEAH I CAN MAKE SPARKLES COME OUT OF YOUR NOSE
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